OEM style Sidesteps

OEM style sidesteps for all prestige marques inc Range Rover, Audi, Mercedes and many more...

OEM style Sidesteps

Our range of OEM style sidesteps allow you to upgrade both the aesthetics and the practicality of your vehicle – after styling the next most common reason for fitting sidesteps is to help children and elderly enter and exit the vehicle easily. We stock OEM style Sidesteps for: Landrover, Range Rover, Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes & Porsche among others.

Fitting steps adds desirability and perceived  value to vehicles, in fact of all the steps we supply 80% go direct to Prestige car dealerships.

Each set of steps are engineered specifically for the vehicle plus are designed and treated specifically to withstand the Northern European and UK climate.¬† All our steps can easily cope with wind, rain, snow, frost, salt and anything else our roads can throw at them,¬† they all include a full warranty and if you’re not happy we will collect and refund.

email us for a price list: alistair@scotspeeduk.com